Malware Removal

On a limited basis, Web Vaccine provides free virus removal services.  Because we are a small and relatively new company, we realize that it will take some time to build a reputation for our product within our industry.  As part of our outreach and brand building efforts, we are able to help several users per month with virus removal.

If you would like our help, begin by describing your issue in a post on our forum.  A representative will respond with the next steps that you should take.  While some infections are more difficult (and therefore take more time) to remove than others, almost 98% can ultimately be removed.

Please note, however, that if your system has developed a comprehensive infection, there is a good chance that malware has already altered your system files.  The removal of this malware can result in holes in your system files that can leave glitches in your system.  Our software is installed safely on thousands of computers, but there are instances in which systems become unstable when viruses and malware are removed.  This service is offered for free, but the ultimate responsibility for using it is yours.  Neither Web Vaccine, its owners, partners, subsidiaries, or employees bear any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for problems, malfunctions, or errors that result from attempted work on your system.  By initialing the waiver you will be emailed, you are acknowledging that you are authorized to perform work or alterations on the system or computer you are asking us to repair, and that you accept complete responsibility for the consequences or outcome of the repair/removal process.

You should attempt to back up your data before beginning this repair effort.  If you need help or guidance, please say so in your message.

Please begin by describing your issue in our forum.  A repesentative will respond shortly.


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