Removing Programs from Startup

Avoid Ad-ons, Tool Bars, and Other Unwanted Programs

Often when a program is downloaded, especially a free program, the download includes extras that you aren’t likely to need. These aren’t necessarily viruses or malware, but they also aren’t something that you will ever use, and many are there for marketing purposes only. Over time, these extras build up on your system and start up when the system starts up, causing your computer to run slowly or freeze up frequently. Some also cause registry errors.  One way to avoid bogging your computer down with ad-ons, tool bars, and unwanted programs or services is to click the “custom installation” checkbox or button before installing programs. This will allow you to choose not to install some of the extras included in certain kinds of downloads. You can also try to figure out what is running and find and disable unwanted programs that are already in your pc through your task manager or system configuration utility.

On most computers, it is possible to see what percentage of capacity your processor is running at. This may give you some indication of how many programs are running. You check this in the task manager, which you can access by pressing control/alt/delete simultaneously. Your task manager will also show you what programs and processes are running. If you suspect that programs are running that shouldn’t be, you can go down through the list and look for names that look suspicious. Many legitimate programs, however, have cryptic names, so you should google the names of programs or processes before you turn them off or try to find them in your control panel and uninstall them.

To remove programs from start up, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and type msconfig. From there, you can click on the Startup tab to view the programs that start up when your computer starts up. Uncheck the checkboxes next to any programs that you don’t want to start running when your computer starts, but again, if you aren’t sure what a program does, you should check into it on google before unchecking it.


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