Preparing for a Computer Crash

back-up hard driveOdds are, at some point your computer will become infected with viruses or malware or crash for some other reason. When this happens, you have a limited set of options, but you can do yourself a favor by planning ahead for a worst case scenario:
◦Back up your data – This is probably the most obvious, but still the most important thing you can do for yourself. Restoring a computer after a crash is usually fairly straightforward, if time consuming.

Restoring data, on the other hand, can be an expensive, tricky enterprise. You never realize how much stuff you have,

and how much it means to you, until it is gone. Your music, photos, videos, graphic creations, tax returns, grad school thesis, resume – these aren’t things you need every day, or even every year, but there will come a point when you will be glad you have kept them around. And there are so many options at this point for backing things up that there is no good reason not to. Several online services offer data backup. External hard drives have gotten so cheap that you could probably back up the contents of the library of congress for a few hundred dollars. Just take a couple of hours and set up something.

Make your recovery discs when you get your computer – Viruses have recently found ways to navigate into recovery partitions – meaning you won’t be able to reinstall your operating system from the partition and get going again if the partition becomes infected. This isn’t common, but why chance it for the price of a few blank DVDs?  Odds are your computer will walk you through the

process the first time you turn it on.Make and keep a hard copy of the instructions for restoring your computer after a crash or a virus or malware infections – Experts say that the cheapest, easiest thing you can do for yourself if your computer crashes is to reinstall your operating system, and then restore your data from wherever you backed it up (hope you read these recommendations in order). So how do you do that? You can probably check the internet when the need arises… But how do you check the internet on a lifeless PC? To start in safe mode or access the recovery partition you probably have to start your computer and tap an F-key. But F-what?

There is no good reason to be caught in this situation. And there is no reason to be stuck paying Best Buy $250 because you don’t know how to access your recovery partition or reinstall from recovery discs. Be smart. Plan ahead. Print off a copy of the instructions, and file them somewhere where you can find them.


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