There seems to be something wrong with my computer.   What steps should I take?

Your first step should be to run a deep scan.  Open your system tray by clicking the up arrow near the right side of your task bar at the bottom right of your desktop.  Double click on the Emsisoft scanner icon, and with “Security Status” selected on the set of tabs to the left, click the radio button next to “Deep Scan.”  Run the scan and restart your computer.  If you are still having problems after the scan, please contact our support department for further help.

If you’re not sure if the problem you are having is related to an infection, check our article “Signs that something might be wrong with your computer” for a few examples of the kinds of problems viruses and malware can create.


What is Web Vaccine’s association with Emsisoft?

Emsisoft is Web Vaccine’s first and most important technology partner, and it is Emsisoft’s scanner that acts as your first line of computer defense.  Emsisoft is a computer security software manufacturer based in Austria, and it is our opinion that their product is potentially the best in the industry, which is of course why we have asked for their help in creating Web Vaccine.


Can Web Vaccine send a technician to my home or small business to help me restore my computer to full, working condition?

Sometimes.  We believe that one important step in getting the American economy moving again is for small, local businesses to take back some of the ground they have lost to multi-national corporations, so our growth strategy starts at home.  Our first priorities are the communities we live in, followed by our state and our country.  Because most of our customers live near us, and because we feel that one area where large corporations cannot compete is in face-to-face service, we will be providing as much hands-on support as we are able.

And the community based strategy doesn’t just include support, by the way.  Web Vaccine employs and is affiliated with a fair number of web developers, graphic designers, and computer security professionals, among others, and we are happy to help in any way we are reasonably able.  If you or your organization needs help with a project, like a food drive, cookie-selling campaign, or graphic development for a sports team, feel free to give us a call and we will let you know what we can do.


Does Web Vaccine offer a guarantee?

Yes.  It is unlikely that your computer will become infected with Web Vaccine installed and running, but if your system does contract an infection that cannot be removed by the program alone, or the program working in conjunction with our support specialists, we will refund the full purchase price of the product.


Where is Web Vaccine located?

In the state of Ohio, in the United States.


May I purchase a reinstallation disc with my software?

Certainly.  Email sales support with your inquiry and a representative will inform you of your options.


What can I do to prevent a computer infection?

It wouldn’t be possible to do a thorough job of addressing this here, but there are a few articles in the “Articles” section of the website, located in the top, main menu, that provide some suggestions to protect yourself.  The articles are short, and we hope, occasionally entertaining.


When will the other components of my software be released?

Soon.  You will be informed of your options via email as other components become available.


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