Receive an Email Asking You to Confirm Your Identity?

Some similar emails ask you to confirm your account, or claim that your account has been flagged for spam and say that you should click through to their page and verify that you are really you.  I received the one above last month.  More widespread phishing attacks have sent emails purportedly from Ebay or Amazon, again asking users to confirm their accounts or confirm their identities.

This is called phishing, and you should NOT click through to “confirm your identity”.  In reality, what you would be doing is inputting your name and password into an imitation website, and probably having some malicious code uploaded into your system.

Some of these phishing emails are very convincing, but if you receive anything that sounds even remotely like this, you should contact the organization who supposedly sent you the email and see what they have to say.  Odds are, they will have already posted a warning on their website or in their phone system explaining that the email was fraudulent.


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