Boeing Auditors Lose Lawsuit

Two former Boeing internal auditors lost a lawsuit against Boeing in federal court in which they claimed to have been unfairly terminated after leaking information to the press suggesting that the company had failed to effectively secure its network.  The contractors had tried to argue that they were protected under a previous court decision in which

whistle-blowers were ruled to be protected under employment laws meant to prevent the fleecing of investors.

Several American defense contractors including Boeing have been hacked in the past couple of years, and officials claim that many of the breaches have resulted in the loss of significant amounts of sensitive data.

The Pentagon recently released a cyber-security strategy to try to begin to shore up some vulnerabilities, but given that some of the data that has already been lost includes sensitive intelligence information, plans for missile defense systems, and schematics for sophisticated planes, some might ask if the move amounts to too little, too late.



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