Award Winning Components


The components of the Web Vaccine System are among the best in the industry and have individually won over a dozen awards and professional endorsements. We’ve published results of some of the more recent competitions below.

The highly accredited Russian IT platform recently published a dynamic test of Anti-Virus products. Testing was conducted in February 2012 on virtual machines running Windows 7 x86 SP 1 with 500 samples of real threats, collected on the Internet. The dynamic test involves checks during archive extraction, on-demand scanning, and file execution. Anti-Virus programs and their components involved in the test were configured for optimum protection.

Emsisoft received Virusovnet’s highest “+” award for achieving the best detection rate of all of the test objects.

Emsisoft Scanner places first in independent test



Malware Research

The well-known and respected antivirus laboratory MalwareResearchGroup ran a long term detection test through last year. As of November, 2011, 20 security programs had faced 80 new and especially dangerous trojans and rootkits. Detection test results are below:

Emsisoft Scanner places first in Malware Research test




The Emsisoft Scanner was also tested by VB100 in April 2010. Results are below:
On demand scan:

  • Wildlist: 99.95%
  • Worms & bots: 99.81% (rank 4 out of 60)
  • Polymorphic viruses: 78.59%
  • Trojans: 98.29%
  • False positives: 1

Reactive and proactive (RAP) detection:

  • week-3: 99.13%
  • week-2: 99.42%
  • week-1: 97.92%
  • Reactive average: 98.72% (that’s the best score of all 60 tested products!)
  • Proactive week+1: 71.30%
  • Overall average: 91.87%



Web Vaccine’s Ikarus Scanner reaches a 100% detection rate for current viruses

In tests conducted by VB100 in April of 2012, The Ikarus scanner, one of two professional strength scanners built into the Web Vaccine System, detected 100% of viruses from a WildList without any false positives (detection of legitimate programs as malware).

Chances are therefore minimal, when bundled with our Emsisoft scanner, that viruses or malware will be able to slip past the scanners. In the event that they do, the odds are still very good that the Mamutu Behavior Blocker will stop them before they are able to access and damage system components.


Web Vaccine’s Mamutu Behavior Blocker also scored perfect in tests run by German software tester Chip magazine by detecting 100% of active malicious programs. The program also received top scores for shortest boot time (34 sec), and lowest RAM requirements (17 MB)

Traditional anti-virus relies on virus signatures to detect malicious programs — or in other words, they maintain a database of tell-tale lines of code copied from every virus that has been detected and forwarded to their laboratories. The programs then scan electronic traffic moving into your computer against this list, blocking programs that have been black-listed. But signature based testing cannot stop programs that haven’t been discovered and for which no signature yet exists. The Mamutu behavior blocker was successful in this test at stopping 100% of malicious programs that had not yet been catalogued and added to a scanner’s signature database — thereby providing a level of protection that traditional antivirus cannot match.