• hacked-email

    Re-Securing a Hijacked Email Account

    A friend emailed a couple of weeks ago explaining that his email had been hacked and that he would like some advice to try to re-secure it and protect his account in the future.  I sent him the email below, and he said he found it helpful, so I thought it might be useful to post it here: Good Morning Dr., I'm sorry to hear about your email.  If it is any consolation, odds are that your email account was only hijacked to send spam. This type of thing has become so common that everyone who received one of the emails... Read More

  • Dayton Daily News Article

    Great Article in Dayton Daily News

    Copyright 2012: Dayton Daily News Obviously we talk about these issues a lot, but it is good to see this kind of thing show up in the regular news.  Good Work Dave Larsen and Dayton Daily... Read More

  • Computers in a small office

    Training Small Office Employees to Avoid Malware

    A fair number of PC users have fallen under the (mistaken) impression that if a few simple rules are followed (don’t open suspicious emails, don’t visit questionable websites, etc.) it is possible to avoid malware infections entirely.  Although this is true in the vast majority of cases, because of the nature and potential destructiveness of infections, the “vast majority of cases” standard is, for most people, insufficient. Many cautionary measures are fairly straightforward. For instance, do not (as mentioned above) open suspicious emails or visit questionable websites.  But “questionable” here does not just mean websites that might be filtered... Read More

  • starbucks-gift-card-ad

    Watch Out for Fake Starbucks Gift Cards on Facebook

    Some of our users have complained of attempted malicious downloads after clicking the gift cards. We are checking the links and will explain more... Read More

  • windows-7

    Security Enhancements to Windows 7

    Microsoft has attempted to address many of the complaints about its Vista and XP operating systems with upgrades to Windows 7. Windows 7 introduces several new technologies to make it more difficult for illicit programs to download and run. The new OS also features improved system-management controls and available file encryption. A few of the improvements include: • Parental Controls allow parents to set limits on computer use, create blocks of time during which computer use is disabled or allowed, and monitor/block certain kinds of games and programs. And the parental controls in the Windows Media... Read More

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