Web Vaccine is a collaborative, ongoing effort to bundle  computer security and performance technologies into one fast, effective software distribution.  As the software evolves, new features will be incorporated seamlessly into your existing version without additional charge.  When complete, the Web Vaccine panoply will operate as both an internal and external OS scanning engine, prevent computer freezes, and offer IT support for your system – almost as if you had your own IT staff.

As it exists today, Web Vaccine catches and deletes viruses and malware, stops background scripts from accessing dangerous sites without the user’s knowledge, and scans websites and files before allowing them to load or execute in ways that many other kinds of software are not yet able to.

By blocking many of the operations that normally take place behind the scenes as you move from website to website, you will find that sites load more quickly and operate with fewer glitches.  And of course if you decide that there is a suspicious ad that you are particularly interested in, the software allows you to view the ad or allow it to connect to a host.  Users are given complete control over which websites and programs are trusted or white-listed.  If you encounter problems or have questions, customer support is knowledgeable and responsive.

As we try to improve the ways that computers are secured, it is important for us to receive feedback on how we are doing, so please visit our contact page to submit questions or comments.