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Web Vaccine is a combination of several kinds of software that work together to minimize the Windows operating system’s vulnerability to malware and virus infections and attacks. By bundling two virus/malware scanning engines, a file/website pre-execution scanner, Hi-Jack Free port protection, and the Mamutu Behavior Blocker, Web Vaccine achieves an uncommon level of protection on Windows personal computers.

By blocking many of the operations that normally take place behind the scenes as you move from website to website, you will find that sites load more quickly and operate with fewer glitches. And of course if you decide that there is a suspicious ad that you are particularly interested in, the software allows you to view the ad or allow it to connect to a host. Users are given complete control over which websites and programs are trusted or white-listed. If you encounter problems or have questions, customer support is knowledgeable and responsive.

For medical offices specifically, Web Vaccine offers a level of support and protection unmatched in the industry for offices with between 3 and 50 computers. Many of our first clients were small medical offices and we solicited and acted on their feedback in improving our systems.  We realize that software installation and scanning often take several hours and that, during business hours, most offices cannot afford the downtime or slow-downs — and most employees aren’t interested in staying in the office after hours to wait on security software to install.

Web Vaccine uses the crossloop system to allow remote installation and scanning of office computers.  You schedule the installation with us, click on a download link, and we handle the rest.  By the time the office opens again, computers have been cleaned and optimized and are running industry-leading security software to prevent crashes or unauthorized data access.

Web Vaccine is also aware of HIPAA regulations pertaining to patient data confidentiality.  The unauthorized access of the medical information of even one patient can be costly for a small office.  Normal antivirus can stop many malicious programs and websites, but an attack designed to exploit system vulnerabilities to steal data normally proceeds differently than a common online upload.  Hi-Jack free, a component of the Web Vaccine System, guards open ports to prevent the kinds of attacks perpetrated by attackers targeting a specific network and data set.  When used in combination with Web Vaccine Windows Server Security and Windows 7 Bitlocker data encryption, a small office network becomes a tough target for attackers.