Securing Your Home Wireless Network

Internet seem as if it has been running slow lately?  Do you have a wireless router and neighbors close by?  If so, there is a chance someone has cracked your network to use your internet.  Here are a couple of tips to re-secure it:

1.  Secure it.  I realize this sounds stupidly simple, but millions of Americans leave their networks unsecured so they don’t have to worry about remembering a password to connect.  Don’t worry, your computer can remember the password for you.  Not only are you setting yourself up to be exploited for your internet by leaving the network unsecured, you are also

taking the chance that one of the unauthorized users on the network will run an attack on your computer – a process that is much easier for authorized users, which everyone is on an unsecured network.

2.  WEP is weak.  Your router can assign itself a WEP key, but this key can be cracked in minutes by any 15-year-old who has taken the time to watch a couple of youtube videos.  Take the time to give yourself a password.

3.  WPA is only as good as your password.  There are only a few ways to crack a WPA key, and most of them involve guessing the password.  (another involves an quantum computer, of the variety that only exists at MIT or similar institutions, and another still only works on some types of WPA, and not on WPA2)

If your password is corona2, anyone who knows anything can get it.  But if it is corOna2, the odds of someone breaking it just went down by a multiple of a few thousand, and that’s if you only capitalize one letter that isn’t the first letter.  If your password is fUnSomfi$924UIxZ6%@2, forget about it, unless your hacker just happens to have read this blog.  No one you’ve ever met has the computing power to crack a password like that by guessing combinations of letters and numbers.  I tried to build a comprehensive set of random uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers for all passwords 8 characters long, and the file was 22,000 gigabytes.  Unless google is trying to hack you, then your infiltrator probably won’t have the capacity to pull that off.


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