Web Vaccine is a combination of several kinds of software
that work together to
minimize the Windows
operating system's vulnerability to malware and virus infections and attacks.  By bundling two virus/malware scanning engines, a file/website pre-execution scanner, Hi-Jack Free port protection, and the Mamutu Behavior Blocker, Web Vaccine achieves an uncommon level of protection on Windows personal computers.  Learn more on our Download page.

Dual-integrated scanning engines stop malware that other products can't by backing one another up in the event that a malicious programs attempts to disable one of the scanners.

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Often when a system freezes up or begins to run slowly when a user visits a website, the slow-down is caused by ads running scripts that connect them to an external server.  By blocking these unauthorized connection attempts, you will find that Web Vaccine allows your system to run faster and more smoothly.  Some ads can also import malware through these connnections.  Blocking them reduces the probability that harmful programs will be drawn into your system.



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Ever wonder what is flowing through your system as you browse from site to site?  Web Vaccine's Emsisoft scanning technology displays all unauthorized connection attempts at the bottom right of your browser.

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Web Vaccine monitors everything that happens on your computer, even when you can't.

In addition to
security for
personal computers for home use, Web Vaccine's implementation and support staff provides tailored solutions for small to medium size office environments, including remote, after hours installation, scanning, and trouble shooting.

Check out our Awards page for recent independent test results and additional information on the Web Vaccine System.

The Web Vaccine complete security system is available for $39.99 on our Download page. 

There, you may also choose to download the product and try it free for 30 days.